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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Enlist Now, and Win The Global War for Natural Resources

My latest column is up, In it, I talk about the latest developments in the Global War for Natural Resources. I believe this struggle, not the battle with al Qaeda and fundamentalist Islam, will define the 21st century. I've banged the table about this before, but now I'm putting my money where my mouth is and launching a new trading service, with the goal of helping people put their money to work in this War for Natural Resources ... and potentially make a pile of money themselves.

Here are some ways the new service is different from Red-Hot Asian Tigers and Red-Hot Canadian Small-Caps:

1) The new service is US-listed stocks only.
2) It will recommend trades in mid- and large-cap stocks. The trades will also be shorter-term. In other words, these aren't the swing-for-the-fences small-cap trades that RCS and RHAT focus on.
3) The trading is primarily technical and short-term in nature. There won't be long explanations or in-depth analysis (at least in the issues -- we still do a lot of analysis behind the scenes).

There are more differences, and you can find out what they are by calling 1-800-430-3683. Subscribers to Red-Hot Asian Tigers and Red-Hot Canadian Small-Caps will get to test this new service FREE for three months. Just call 1-800-430-3683 and we'll hook you up.

The name of my new service: Red-Hot Resources. Yes, it's the same name as this blog. But we'll probably fold this blog into the new service down the road, as I can only do so many things at once.

You can find out more by CLICKING HERE . Or you can read my MoneyandMarkets column about it by CLICKING HERE.

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