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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gobblin’ Up Uranium

My latest post at Money and Markets is about Thanksgiving. For example, I relate this tale...

During World War II, my paternal grandfather invited a British sailor over for Thanksgiving. This guy had been sunk by the Germans three separate times! My father, and his brother and sister made some sweet coin that day, because they charged all the kids in the neighborhood a nickel a pop to look in the window and peek at the buoyant British sea dog.

My paternal grandfather is the stuff of legend. Do you want to hear a story that DIDN'T make it into Money and Markets?

In the old days (around World War II), when you cooked a big turkey, it cooked overnight. And
that meant someone had to get up every hour and baste it, or just stay up all night and baste it.

One year, my grandfather decided to stay up and baste the turkey with a buddy of his ... and a bottle of whiskey. They actually did the basting ... my grandmother found both happily sloshed men still awake in her kitchen the next morning. However, they committed one important error ... THEY FORGOT TO TURN THE OVEN ON.

Ah, the Irish. When you have a lot of people in your family -- my mother had 13 brothers and sisters -- you don't have to make this stuff up, because eventually someone in the family does something worth talking about.

I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving with you and yours. Canadian readers already had their Thanksgiving, but they can come on down and join us for pie.

Anyway, if you want to read the rest of my column, "Gobblin' Up Uranium,"

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