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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sometimes The Best Thing Is to Be Lucky

Oman Update ...

It looks like the cyclone collapsed just as it careened toward impact with Oman. As a result -- from the reports I read -- there was a lot of rain and plenty of wind, but not the killing hurricane-force winds everyone feared. And Oman gets flash floods, just like desert regions in America do.

Margie over at gives us the details ...

Gonu was sheared apart today, while traversing the Gulf of Oman. Clouds over the center dissipated, and convection thinned and dispersed northward from increased shear. A recent IR loop shows that the LLCC and the remaining mid-level circulation decoupled, and the mid-level circuation came ashore over Iran in the last couple hours (about 05-06Z), and can still be seen rotating. Now anyone reading this from Oman who has had their car crushed by a falling tree or business submerged by the rising waters probably won't feel lucky. And if you did suffer loss during the storm, you certainly have my sympathies. But from what I hear, it could have been much, much worse.

To be sure, getting from here to there could be a problem ...
And I hear that power is out in sections of the country. But remember the old saying: "Wisdom and power follow endurance and patience." Maybe they weren't talking about electricity, but it's still appropriate I think.

And I hope between now and next time -- and you know there will likely be a next time -- Oman's leaders have the wisdom to build up those sea walls.

More on the cyclone's aftermath from the bloggity good blogging at Sleepless in Muscat.


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