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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Welcome to folks from Dubai and Oman

Welcome to all my visitors from the Emirate of Dubai and the Sultanate of Oman. I’m not sure how you found this little blog – which is nominally about natural resources – but I see from my visitor log that there are a lot of you, and you are certainly most welcome here.

I have to admit that most Americans probably only know Oman as an oil and gas producer (743,000 barrels per day). For Americans trying to find out more about Oman, you can start with the Wikipedia entry here:

Wikipedia is not always the most accurate, so perhaps some of our new friends from Oman, if they have time on their hands while waiting out the storm, could update some of the more relevant bits.

My personal interest in Oman and Gonu is as a fellow Cyclone/Hurricane sufferer. We’ve had some nasty ones here in Florida, and for a while I thought Mother Nature had a grudge against my city of West Palm Beach (ha-ha!). We experienced flooding inside my house – a weird, frightening, helpless experience – but I can assure you it all cleans up eventually.

As long as you get through this storm without losing friends or family, you’ll be okay in the end. And you’ll have stories to regale your grandchildren (I’m Irish, so my stories may improve in the telling over time). Peace be upon you and good luck.

Latest update: Good news! Cyclone Gonu Weakening!

Iran is next in the crosshairs of the storm. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people are being evacuated along the coast line there. Good luck to the Iranians, too.

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