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Thursday, May 31, 2007

More on South Texas Uranium

I wrote more about my visit to the South Texas Uranium Fields in my most recent Money and Markets ...

America's Uranium Solution

Last week, while at the U2007 Global Uranium Symposium, I visited three uranium projects. Two were on the conference agenda, one I was lucky to attend on a smaller, private tour. These tours taught me a lot about a particular type of uranium mining — one that will likely become the future face of uranium mining in the U.S.

Is there profit potential in this? You bet!

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More Uranium stuff ...

Canadian-listed companies lead global search for uranium
The onset of summer has triggered a flurry of exploration news from uranium exploration projects, with drill rigs turning once again on ground that in most cases hadn't been explored for decades.

Russia set to sign uranium deal with Australia soon - official -
KRASNOKAMENSK (Chita Region, Far East), May 31 (RIA Novosti) - Russia has agreed on uranium production with Canadian and Japanese companies and expects to sign a similar inter-governmental deal with Australia in September, the country's top civilian nuclear official said Thursday.

Two uranium auctions this week: How the process works
If you think those uranium sales that are often cited as the basis for recently skyrocketing prices are secretive processes, you’re right. Everyone wants to know what price people are willing to pay for the nuclear fuel. While they are often referred to as auctions, these uranium sales are done via a single round of private sealed bids.

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