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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another Big Day at U2007

Yesterday, I went to visit a uranium project – interestingly enough, owned by one of the companies in the Small Uranium Wonders report. And on Tuesday, I had dinner with two of the CEOs from the Small Uranium Wonders report. They have to be careful about what they say – they can't tell me anything that isn't public knowledge – but they can highlight things that are public knowledge but not widely recognized as important (the stuff that is buried in reports and SEC filings). It's been a very interesting time.

I need more time to digest the stuff from this Symposium before I write an update for Small Uranium Wonders. Meanwhile, I'm sending out an update for the Golden Age of Uranium report. In it, I recommend you bag two rounds of gains. If you bought those stocks on my original recommendation (when the report first came out), you should easily grab triple-digit gains on each one.

Why am I recommending grabbing gains when I'm so bullish on uranium? I'm afraid you'll have to read today's update to find out.

I'll share with you one thing I learned from Treva Klingbeil, the editor of the Nuclear Market Review. Ms. Klingbeil had a great description of the new uranium futures, which are supposed to add transparency to the market. "Everyone wants more transparency," Ms. Klingbeil explained, "as long as I can see what you're doing and you can't see what I'm doing."

That just cracks me up.

Above, you'll see a photo of me at the uranium project I went to visit yesterday. I'm looking at drill core samples. See how the samples change color from yellow sand to blue mud and so on? In Situ Recovery works best when there is clay above and below the sand-bearing ore body, the better to seal in the water you are pumping through the sand to suck out the uranium. And that's just what we've got here. More on that in my next update for Small Uranium Wonders.


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