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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Red-Hot Resources: We Have Ignition!

If you're a subscriber to Red-Hot Asian Tigers, it's a very good morning for you. I've recommended Summit Resources twice in Red-Hot Asian Tigers the last two weeks, and you should have been able to buy it at least one of those times. And look at it now ...

You can read about the takeover bid by CLICKING HERE. The upshot for Red-Hot Asian Tiger subscribers is, for every 1,000 shares you had of Summit, you just racked up about $1,000 in open gains. That's before commissions, and open gains aren't profits until you book 'em. Still, not bad for a couple weeks!

Now, should you bank those gains now? Should you hold? Or is this a good time to buy more shares of Summit? I'm afraid my opinions on those subjects are for Red-Hot Asian Tigers subscribers only. Look for an issue today or tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Red-Hot Canadian Small-Caps subscribers shouldn't feel left out. You have huge gains on one uranium stock and over 23% n the other one we added just about two weeks ago.

PLUS, the news about Summit sent other small-cap uranium companies soaring in Australia. The same thing will probably happen in Canada.

And we aren't even close to the end of the wild, bullish story on uranium. In fact, if anything, we're at the beginning of the end of the first chapter of the Big Uranium Bull Market.

Hey, remember that Ugly Duckling I talked about in a recent Money and Markets -- the only stock in my Small Uranium Wonders report that hadn't left the launch pad yet. Well, check out its chart including Monday's rip-roaring action ...

It sure looks like it is breaking out to me. Good thing I recommended subscribers buy another 800 shares of this one on Friday! But is it too late to buy this or the other stocks in Small Uranium Wonders? No! Hell, no! I can't emphasize enough, we're at the beginning of the end of the first chapter of the Big Uranium Bull Market. I believe there is much, much more to come.

If you don't have Small Uranium Wonders yet, call 800-400-6916 and get it now.

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