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Friday, February 23, 2007

Let's Try Something Cool

Google Assures me that I will be able to publish my Small Uranium Wonders portfolio in my blog using their "" Let's see...

By George, I think it actually works! Well, as you can see, the stocks are doing very well -- no big surprise, because uranium soared to $85 per pound this week (from $75 last week). The whole recommended portfolio is showing open gains (before commissions) of 21% in less than a month!

I think these stocks are going much higher. In fact, if you subscribed to Small Uranium Wonders, check your email -- I have a new order recommendation going out today! We're buying more shares of the "Uranium Ugly Duckling" I talked about in this week's
Money and Markets.

And that's not the only one that's going higher. I think they're all going much, much higher. There is still time to get onboard. If you aren't in Small Uranium Wonders yet,


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