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Monday, January 08, 2007

I'm Back After Having My Eyes Lasered

I'm back in the traces after having my eyes lasered on Friday. It went fairly well. My right eye is fine and my vision is now 20/15 for long distances in that eye. There is a problem with my left eye -- looks like a blood vessel burst, and vision in that eye is still a bit cloudy. I'm seeing the doctor today to get his prognosis. In the meanwhile, RCS, RHAT and RHR subs needn't worry -- you're in safe hands with JR, who is minding the helm.

I'll still have to wear glasses for up-close work, they say, because age does things to eyes that lasers can't undo. However, I won't know what my up-close vision will be for three months -- it takes that long for the eyes to finally settle out, and my short-vision is improving day by day.

Sadly, the doctor refused my request to implant lasers IN my eyes, thus delaying my plans for world domination (ha-ha!). Well, you can't have everything
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