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Friday, January 30, 2009

Gold Soaring … And So Is Cost of Bailout

Gold soared this morning, so I feel vindicated, if not fine.
You saw the gold chart I posted yesterday. Today’s chart is more of the same, only with surging volume, as
gold rises to a 3-month high.

That’s usually a bullish sign. The question before us now is, is this a real breakout or the mother-of-all fakeouts? Remember, this is happening when the U.S. dollar is also very strong, and currency markets are much bigger than the metals markets.
I think it’s a risk worth taking. We’ll have to move fast if gold is lying to us, though, so if you’re one of my subscribers, stand by.
Now, here is news you can use for this Friday …
Goldman Sachs says the cost of shoring up banks
could run as high as $4 trillion. That’s up from the $1.5 trillion already spent specifically on banks. Why, why, WHY aren’t we proceeding with a Resolution Trust Corporation solution to this? Like the one we used in the Savings & Loan Crisis in 1989. Instead, we keep pouring good money after bad. Yes, an RTC solution would cost money but not as much money as this cockamamie bailout we’re seeing now, and it would mean an end to the whole mess. Right now, the bailout is open-ended. How are we supposed to pay back another $4 trillion? The US economy is shrinking, tumbling the most since 1982.
And that, my friends, is one reason why gold is taking off.
Meanwhile, California — the world’s eight largest economy – is so broke that
the state is going to start sending out IOUs. This despite the fact that the governator is going to furlough ALL of the state’s rank-and-file employees for two months. He’d better not furlough the prison guards, because once you stop sending poor people their food stamps, what else do they have to lose? I have to think the chance of riots in California is rising. Meanwhile, California is dealing with the worst drought in its history.
Another sign of impending apocalypse —
scientists have invented carnivorous robots. It’s only a hop, skip and a jump to Skynet and the Rise of the Machines.
On the lighter side, here are some
cool electric concept cars. Let’s hope we don’t end up too bankrupt to afford them.

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