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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Wednesday News Roundup

Here's a great story that runs along the same lines of what I wrote about in Money and Markets yesterday -- driving 55 mph to save gas.

If drivers were forced to slow down — and lower speed limits were enforced — the thirst for fuel could be significantly reduced, which could ease prices.

"We're talking about a 2-to-3 percent reduction in demand, which would mean a much larger percentage reduction in price, maybe 10 percent," Greene said.

XX And here's another, with some interesting ideas ...

More News ...

The credit crisis in western financial markets has created more opportunities for large and mid-tier gold companies to target juniors, many of whom are struggling to finance the exploration and development of their projects, Kinross Gold CEO Tye Burt said on Wednesday.

It would be hard for New Zealand to increase dairy output much more. Much available pasture already has cattle or sheep. And many farmers, having borrowed to expand, are already loaded up with debt.

Here's a great chart from the Wall Street Journal ...

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