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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Why We Need a Better CNBC

You know, if it weren't for Rick Santelli, Steve Liesman, Phil LeBeau and Sharon Epperson*, and appearances by Boris Schlossberg and other good guests (especially those from the trading floors), I wouldn't watch CNBC at all. It's like a parody of a celebrity talk show. Its constant infatuation with everything Warren Buffet does is one example of how this goes horribly wrong.

But now I just had to sit through a piece with Dick Armey explaining why we shouldn't even have employer health insurance, never mind a national health care plan, and Joe Kernan -- always a reliable wingnut -- agrees with him. Then Michelle Caruso-Cabrera piles on, saying that if only we didn't have employer health insurance, and people had to pay for their own medical costs out of their own pocket, they'd be a lot smarter about their health-care choices.

I just love it when rich, overpaid TV personalities sit around and explain why poor working stiffs aren't smart with their money.

*There are other good and useful CNBC reporters and analysts of course -- these are just some examples I named off the top of my head. Art Cashin was just on and he's brilliant.
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