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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Evidence of Recession?

My wife sent me a link from "ThriftyFloridaMom" as anecdotal evidence of a recession. Thrifty Florida Mom reports that lately, the following Google searches have led people to her blog ...

  • how to feed my family on only $20 per week
  • how to find a second job
  • tips for selling my stuff
  • coupons for food
  • surviving a layoff
  • stop paying my credit cards
  • living off beans and rice
Are we in a recession? Judging by these Google searches, the answer is yes. However, I think we're in a split economy. Some parts of it are starting to ramp up again, others are still suffering and getting worse.

I like Thrifty Florida Mom's motto: "Sharing ideas on how to spend less, Save more, and act your wage." My wife goes there for tips on grocery shopping deals at Publix, Walgreens, etc., as well as ideas on living "frugally well."


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