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Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday News Fiesta

First, here's a chart showing the growth in the silver ETF. I included this chart in a special report on silver that I sent to my premium service subscribers this week ...
Here are some other notes, thoughts and links, somewhat scattershot as I am scatterbrained today ...

Programming note: I'll be appearing on DEX.TV at 8:21 on Monday morning. It's based in Canada, eh?

Barry Rithholz is one of the economic bloggers you should be reading every day.

Economist's View is another great site. Here's a good piece, with charts, that this blog did on energy.

The always excellent Jim Jubak says oil stocks are topping. Good! I need a pullback to get long again.

Naked Capitalism expresses doubts about oil demand.

Alltop is a new news aggregation site that has the potential to give Google heartburn. Check out their economic collection and their environmental aggregation.

Here's an update on the scarcity of Silver Eagles, which I covered earlier this week. Now the Silver Institute is involved.

OK Go continues to impress me with their videos ...

I've made my decision. I'm casting my vote for Red State Update ...

Harvey Korman was a genius. I'm going to miss him.

Have a good weekend
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