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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Travel Day

I'm going home today -- hooray! Mexico was very interesting, but I'll be happy to be home with my wife and kids, who I've missed terribly.

Blogger has decided I can't post pictures today ("Take that, skinsack," says the evil machine). So here are some things that might interest you ...

Gold plunges as dollar strengthens; oil off record high

XX My take -- what's this mean? Buying opportunity ahead!

U.S. Consumer Confidence Falls as Home-Price Drop Shows No Sign of Abating Confidence among American consumers fell in May to the lowest level since 1992 as the two-year housing slump showed no sign of bottoming.

Oil Falls More Than $2 a Barrel as Record Energy Prices Limit U.S. Demand Crude oil fell more than $2 a barrel in New York on signs that U.S. fuel consumption is dropping because of a slowing economy and record energy prices.

Corn Signals Biggest Beef Price Surge Since '03 as Cattle Supplies Dwindle Enjoy your next steak, because prices from Shanghai to San Francisco are only going up.

Even though it's a short week, it could be interesting. There's more to come. Tune in tomorrow!
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