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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Fertilizer Shortage Threatens Farm Profits & Nutrition

Interesting story in the New York Times yesterday ...

Shortages Threaten Farmers’ Key Tool: Fertilizer
Some kinds of fertilizer have nearly tripled in price in the last year, keeping farmers from buying all they need. That is one of many factors contributing to a rise in food prices that, according to the United Nations’ World Food Program, threatens to push tens of millions of
poor people into malnutrition.

And this comes later in the story:
Fertilizer companies are confident the shortage will be solved eventually, noting that they plan to build scores of new factories.

Well, Red-Hot Canadian Small-Caps subscribers know of a fertilizer company that is building new factories. It has pricing power -- just negotiated a big hike with its customers -- and it serves the fastest growing fertilizer market in the world, China.
The whole story in the New York Times is worth reading. To do that, CLICK HERE.


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