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Friday, February 08, 2008

Thoughts on the World Money Show

1) If you have a name tag that says "speaker" you are treated better than someone with a name tag that says "exhibitor." Next year, I want my name tag to say "supreme being" or "High Commander" or something.

2) People really want free stock tips.

3) Joe Battipaglia is HUGE! I'm a tall, big guy, and standing next to JP on the escalator was like standing in the shade of a well-dressed Redwood tree.

4) Jack Crooks is scary smart

5) The general consensus of contrarians (??) is that civilization is about to end, but you should buy gold anyway.

6) The more beautiful the booth bunnies, the less reputable the company. Those two blonde refugees from the Swedish bikini team were a dead give-away that a certain uranium explorer should be avoided.
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