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Monday, February 04, 2008

News You Can Use for Monday

Hey, guess who's #4 on the Most-Read stories at Marketwatch today?

Why, it's some guy named Sean Brodrick, with his story:
The coming gold surge

Other stories of interest ...

A Growth Maven's New Favorite: Gold
At most tops in gold, gold and the Dow Jones Industrial Average sell at the same price. Right now, gold is about one-fourteenth the price of the Dow. We are denigrating the value of our currency at a much faster rate than we have in the past. The government is running a $250 billion to $400 billion deficit, and our balance of trade is running at a $700 billion or $800 billion deficit. This has all created money at a rate faster than we produce and means that we are further in debt and the value of our money falls faster. One has to come to decisions on how to protect the value of money. Cash is king in the minds of some people. But the biggest question associated with that decision is what currency do you keep your cash in?

China’s Inflation Hits American Price Tags: China’s latest export is inflation. After falling for years, prices of Chinese goods sold in the United States have risen for the last eight months.

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