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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Two Best Parodies of the 2008 Political Season ... So Far

As my long-time readers know -- all five of you -- I've been writing about the Mike Huckabee campaign for quite some time -- as far back as February. The guy's very likeable, and seems genuine. Of course, his detractors would say that he fakes genuine very well.

One of his detractors is Mitt Romney. You have to wonder if the Romney folks are behind this Mike Huckabee parody ...

But then you also might wonder if the Huckabee folks are behind this hilarious Mitt Romney parody ...

Like I said, you MIGHT wonder that, except both videos are made by the same website. I guess whoever is behind that is the one REALLY enjoying the political process. I can't wait to see who he parodies next -- Republican or Democrat, I'll post it here.

Seriously, there's only one video that Mike Huckabee has to worry about. This one ...

That one's a bit sobering, eh? Thank God (whichever one you pray to) for the parodies. That's the great the thing about politics. It gives all of us plenty to laugh about.

UPDATE: It turns out the same guy, Lee Stranahan, has made a bunch more campaign video parodies. Here's one of his Guiliani videos ...

And here's one for the Hillary Hatas out there.

You can view the rest of Stranahan's videos HERE.


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