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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Agricultural Investments to DOUBLE Next Year?

According to a story on Bloomberg News (sorry, no web link) ...

Agriculture investments linked to commodity indexes may climb $10 billion next year, double this year's advance, according to American International Group Inc.
About $43 billion is invested in the products, up from $20 billion in January 2006, according to Daniel Raab, managing director of AIG Financial Products Corp. Half the increase since 2006 was from higher prices and the rest from new money, he said.

XX my take -- one of the drivers is all the new agricultural ETFs that are coming on the market, so we can put that down to speculation. But most of it is the huge demand from Asia as billions of people in China, India and other countries start eating more and heartier meals.

Where have I heard that before -- oh, that's right, in my Agriculture Report. And guess what -- the downdraft we're seeing in natural resources today is sending these stocks skidding lower. They're well off their highs ...

Sure, they're still up. Sure, I think they'll go much higher. But they're relatively cheap right now. If you haven't acted on the recommendations in that report yet, stop sitting on your hands. Get it now!


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