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Thursday, February 01, 2007

See You in Orlando Next Week

Are you attending the World Money Show in Orlando next week? If so, mark your calendar for Thursday, February 8, at 1:40 PM. I'm slated to speak on the topic of 'Red-Hot Commodity Investments for 2007 and Beyond'. Here's the photo they're using of me. Not bad for a police mugshot (LOL!).
I haven't given much thought to what my speech will be about yet. I suppose I could talk for an hour on uranium. But I like silver and gold here, too. Hmm...I'll have to give some picks, of course. People always love the Moneyshow picks.
I'm also going to attend a breakfast with Martin, Martin's speech, a dinner with some Weiss Inner Circle members, and do the meet 'n' greet at the booths. If you come by to throw things at me, my only request is the objects you hurl not be TOO heavy. Maybe canned-ham size and smaller. Oh, and remember, "no dung can be flung." That's a Moneyshow rule, after that nasty Abby Joseph Cohen incident. But eh ... some might say she had it coming.
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