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Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Roaring Dragon Hungers for Canadian Uranium

This may explain why North American uranium stocks are exploding higher today ...

China sets sights on Canadian uranium

...the Chinese government seems to have a stronger interest in acquiring Canadian uranium to fuel its own, homegrown reactors.
Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn, wrapping up a three-day visit to Beijing, disclosed Wednesday that he has agreed to include uranium on the agenda of a working group of Chinese and Canadian officials who will discuss energy co-operation between the two countries.
“That was something that was raised by the Chinese officials,” Mr. Lunn told reporters in Beijing Wednesday.
“Obviously they have a very keen interest.... Absolutely we will discuss the possibility of that."

Since China plans to build 30 to 40 nuclear reactors over the next 15 years, it's not surprising they'd come sniffing around Canada's cornucopia of uranium.

And this has sent the stocks in my recent "Golden Age of Uranium" report on a tear. Two of them hit all-time highs today.

So is it too late to buy in? Heck, no! We're only at the beginning of the uranium boom. In fact, since uranium just corrected a bit, this is a GREAT time to buy.

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