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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Farm Talk

Here's a comment from another farmer, passed along by a friend ...

In 2006, we finished planting my crops on April 23. In 2007, we were done on April 18. I don't want to be the first guy planting, but I don't like being third, either. Early (timely) planting won't happen this year if the weather forecast for the coming weekend proves accurate. Soils are completely saturated to the point of that erosion has already occurred and will get worse with additional heavy rains, and are COLD. I can't tell you how cold because I've not even checked temps yet.

If planting is not done by May 1, there will be some nervous farmers in LaSalle County and I'll be one of them. There are many factors that I can't manage that resulted in outstanding yields in '06 and '07 and early planting is one of them. Hard to over-emphasize the importance of having seeds in the ground during the long days of May.


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