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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Two Interesting Factoids

Two interesting factoids I learned while researching my "Dust in the Wind" piece.

1) Hard Red Winter wheat is a Russian import. It came here with ethnic German immigrants from Russia, who were escaping the Czar's persecution. The Germans sewed the Hard Red Winter wheat into their clothes, so they wouldn't be robbed along the way. Winter wheat is especially adapted to growing in "borderline" agricultural areas like the western Great Plains.

2) Tumbleweeds are a Russian import, too. When the Germans sewed wheat seeds into their clothes, they brought tumbleweeds along by mistake. This weed is especially suited to growing in dry, windy places, and spread all over the western Great Plains.

UPDATE: The version of "Dust in the Wind" is posted now. I think I found better art to illustrate the story on my own. And the M&M version is cut too short. Other than that, it's fine, lol!

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