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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Charts of Interest

I recommended the following fund to RHR subscribers today, along with two others ...

It will be interesting to see how all three turn out.

Meanwhile, uranium is zooming, as is gold. Let's check out our old friend Fronteer Development Group, which has stakes in both ...
FRG is one of three core uranium positions in RHR. Gosh it hurt to hold it through the August sell-off, but I knew that would be short-term.

Now, let's look at a chart that has nothing to do with RHR, but everything to do with tomorrow's Money and Markets ...
The red/black line is the Dow in US dollars. The green line is the Dow from a euro perspective. Because the value of the dollar is falling so fast, any European investor who invests in the leading US index has been losing money since June. Well, remember, it's not a loss till you sell it.

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