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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Small Uranium Wonders Update

A couple of your Small Uranium Wonders stocks are already doing well, most were dragged down by the recent sell-off in the uranium sector (indeed, it was a sell-off across the metals sector)

However, there is one stock I need to address. It's lost about 30% of its value in the past week or so! We're getting some calls at the office.

If you have this portfolio, you know what stock I'm talking about. Yes, I'm watching it closely. The CEO, who I interviewed before I recommended the stock, is speaking at a company meeting tomorrow.

The Investor Relations guy for the company said that that there has been absolutely no fundamental change in the past 2 weeks. He says the company is still well on track to produce uranium and to increase production next year. There is no change in the negotiations for a milling agreement. The resignation of one of the directors was a nonevent.

My IR contact said that the CEO would be commenting on this action Wednesday, at the annual meeting.

I would recommend being patient until then. From what I know now, I think the stock is a steal at current prices, but I want to see what the CEO says. I'll have an update for you after the company meeting tomorrow.

I am also planning an update after my trip to the uranium conference next week, with potentially more picks for Small Uranium Wonders subscribers.

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