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Friday, April 06, 2007

Weird Science Friday -- Giant Snail Alert

I've written previously about the giant snails that are eating the island of Barbados. Oh, to be sure, they're doing it ve-e-e-ery slo-o-o-wly, but there are hundreds of thousands of them, oozing inexorably across the island.

Well, if you want to talk giant snails, here's the King Kong of snails ...

I found this on with no explanation. It sure looks like a real snail. Maybe I'm being hoodwinked.

Anyway, there's some weird science for you. Most of the markets are closed, and CNBC is talking endlessly about the monthly employment report. The Labor Department said March payrolls increased by a stronger-than-expected 180,000. A scan of a couple of sources shows that expectations generally called for payrolls to increase by 140,000 to 160,000.

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate ticked lower to 4.4 percent, versus expectations of remaining unchanged at 4.5 percent.

It all sounds bullish for the market and commodities on Monday.
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