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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Canadian Breakout!

Red-Hot Canadian Small-Caps subscribers know I’m bullish on oil, and I wrote on that theme in my MoneyandMarkets column this week – a column that was originally titled “Peak Oil and The Nuclear Option” before my editors got a hold of it.

Anyway, I recently (March 28) added a Canadian oil stock to the Red-Hot Canadian Small Caps portfolio to ride what I expect will be surging oil prices this summer. And here’s the good news – the stock just broke out to the upside.

The open gains are still small, but my target on this is $24 – a 53% rise from recent levels.

Oh, and that oil sands stock that is in the Red-Hot Canadian Small Caps portfolio -- about the only oil sands company worth buying if you ask me -- hold on to that one, too. It's on the launch pad.

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