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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ride the Uranium Rocket

I've turned in my first draft of my next Money and Markets piece. Now, the editing process begins, and that is a race with time itself, because the uranium market is moving so fast that you can write something one day and it's obsolete the next. Here's the opening I've got now ...

Disaster! Calamity! Madness! That about sums up the tidal wave of events that is engulfing utilities around the world as ANOTHER uranium mine gets kayoed by forces beyond its control. The most recent victim: The Ranger Mine operated by Energy Resources of Australia (ERA). My Red-Hot Australian Tigers subscribers are quite familiar with this one – they owned its shares until last week. When I heard what happened, I told my subscribers to get out quickly, and they should have bagged about 60% gains (before commissions).

I mention it here as an example of why it’s just as important to know when to SELL a uranium mine as it is when to buy. I’ll tell you more about that, as well as three fundamental forces that should drive uranium to $100 per pound a lot quicker than anyone thought. AND I’m going to show you why we’re at one of the best buying opportunities I’ve seen in uranium stocks in a long, long time.

That's the most fun I've had writing a lede to a story in a long time. But this is a gripping story -- can you believe that both the Ranger and Cigar Lake mines are flooded now? Holy smokes! If there was ever a time to be invested in uranium miners, now is the time!

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