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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ground Control to Major Tong

Remember that story I posted on Monday about China going to the moon? I turned it in to a Money and Markets column. My editors cut out an important transition, from the quest for helium 3 to nuclear power today, but eh … I’ve had better pieces hacked worse.

They didn’t use my original headline: “Ground Control to Major Tong.” My editor said he was afraid that readers wouldn’t get it. Hey, how old is David Bowie now? When did he sing “Space Oddity?” Decades ago, at least. I think most of my readers would get it. More importantly, even if you didn’t get it, would the headline “Ground Control to Major Tong” stop you from reading it, or would it intrigue you?

Continuing the uranium theme, I’m going to speak at the Money Show in Orlando on Thursday. My presentation is on uranium. That should be fun. Even better -- I'll get to visit one of the big Comic Book stores in Orlando. or

I’m turning my four-year-old son into a comic book geek (he's starting to read and write, and comic books are easy to read). Peter is a Spider Man fan. He’s AMAZED that he and Peter Parker have the same first name. Coincidence? He thinks not!

And the Spider Man fans among you will remember that in the original comic book, Peter Parker turned into Spider Man thanks to a bite from a RADIOACTIVE spider! See, it all comes around.


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