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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Vancouver, Ho!

I'm writing this sitting in the Palm Beach International Airport, about to board my flight for Vancouver (via Atlanta). The bad news is I still hate flying (ha-ha!). The good news is I've been bumped up to first class because I fly Delta so much.

I'll be attending the 2007 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. However, I just made a list of all the meetings I already have scheduled and I wonder how much time I'll have at the conference.

And I've slotted no time for fun -- again! I'm flying to one of the best cities in the world and it's going to be work-work-work. Argh!

Anyway, it's going to be a very productive trip. And while I might be working the whole time, I do get to meet my friends in the business, who are brilliant, facinating to talk to and gracious with their time. So, really, I shouldn't complain. I'm getting paid to do what I love to do. And that is a wonderful thing indeed.

If you're attending the conference, maybe I'll see you there. Stay tuned for updates.
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