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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Atomic Clock Is Ticking

I've been as busy as a bee today -- slinging trades for Red-Hot Asian Tigers and Red-Hot Resources -- but I just wanted to give you an update. Follow the link to read my latest column, "The Atomic Clock Is Ticking."

In other news, oil and gold are up on lower stockpiles of crude (and the falling gasoline stockpiles should start to worry somebody ... why isn't that market moving higher yet?). The IEA says said China's 2006 oil demand growth will be 5.6 percent, down from a previous estimate of 6.2 percent. Oh really? I'll take that bet!

Copper has hit a six-month low ... and mortgage applications in the US are jumping along with retail sales. Has the economy dodged a bullet? We'll see!

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