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Friday, December 08, 2006

Two Global Warming Stories

Exxon Spends Millions to Cast Doubt on Warming

The world's largest energy company is still spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund European organisations that seek to cast doubt on the scientific consensus on global warming and undermine support for legislation to curb emission of greenhouse gases.

XX My comment -- such lovely people.

Rising sea level big concern along S.C.

The rising ocean is "going to shave off a ton of landscape along the coast," which could drown marshes that act as buffers for storm surge, raising the likelihood of major flooding when the next hurricane hits, said Jim Morris, marine studies professor at the University of South Carolina and director of its Belle W. Baruch Institute for Marine and Coastal Sciences.

XX My comment -- Part of my concern about global warming and rising sea levels is pure selfishness -- I live near the Florida coast -- the flat, low part that will flood as sea levels rise. But part of it is I want to have a planet to leave our children.


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