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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Gold Is Looking Darned Bullish

We've already been buying the best silver stocks in Red-Hot Canadian Small-Caps; now it looks like time to pick up some more gold shares.

One really encouraging thing is that gold is up this morning while oil is down. See, gold is a hedge against inflation, so it often tracks oil closely (because rising oil prices are inflationary, so traders buy gold as an inflation hedge when oil goes up and sell gold when gold goes down). I think we could see lower prices in energy yet -- as a prelude to the big rally to come -- but I believe this is a great time to be buying the metals. And that's pretty much what I said in my Marketwatch column that went up Monday -- the one where I recommended a silver stock. To read that, CLICK HERE.

As for gold stocks -- Red-Hot Asian Tiger subscribers, you've already got a bushel of them, and they're doing very nicely (and have you looked at your Australian uranium stocks lately -- holy cow, Batman!). Red-Hot Canadian Small-Cap subscribers, let me see what I can do.
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