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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Worst Campaign Videos Ever

Rudy Giuliani has no one but himself to blame for a Christmas ad in which he talks about buying everyone a nice big fruitcake. Even Joe Scarborough is aghast. One of his co-hosts says maybe it's a Saturday Night Live parody. Now THAT would have been funny.

You only have to watch the first minute or so, the rest of the video is the Morning Joe team's reaction to the ad. They even call in Mike Huckabee to get his view. I don't think a Mayor who likes dressing in women's clothes should really be emphasizing fruitcakes in his Christmas message, do you? Anyway, the Giuliani campaign has taken the ad down now.

But it didn't take long for a parody of Rudy's ad to go up ...

As bad as Rudy's ad is, some Fred Thompson supporters actually came up with a worse video. This is called "I've Got a Crush on Fred Thompson's Politics" ...

The Thompson campaign linked to it at first, but pulled it down, probably after they received some feedback on just how bad this ad is. Even the website of the band that made it doesn't list it. Better luck next time, guys.
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