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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Goodbye Greenland, Goodbye Wall Street

Occasionally I need to vent about global warming. We seem to be on a suicidal race to drown Wall Street. Temperatures just have to rise 2.3 degrees Fahrenheit above where they are now, and Greenland's ice sheet will disappear.

The ice in Greenland is currently two miles thick, extends over an area equivalent to Mexico, and contains 10 percent of the earth’s fresh water. When it melts, we can kiss goodbye the rest of New Orleans, the southern half of Florida, and parts of New York City including Wall Street. The ice is melting rapidly, but it hasn't reached the point of no return ... yet.

2.3 degrees seems like a lot, on a global scale, except there's already a lot in the pipeline. We don't notice it because it's carbon that we're pumping into the ocean, which takes a long time to warm up.Oceans cover 71 percent of Earth’s surface. It takes an enormous amount of energy to heat that much water, especially since ocean circulation causes warm surface water to sink and cold deep water to return to the surface. As a result, there is a lag time between when greenhouse gases are emitted to the atmosphere and when temperatures start to rise.

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