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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Argh! Modern-Day Pirates Terrorize the Somali Coast!

The two small vessels were travelling across the Indian Ocean at high speed, their occupants wielding rocket-propelled grenades, AK47s and machine guns. Within minutes, they had gained on the bulky container ship. As he stood on the bridge of the MV Rozen, Captain Priayantha Perera sounded the alarm. He knew what was coming: pirates.
The Somali pirates who threw a pipe ladder on to his deck and boarded his ship went on to hold him and his 11 crew hostage at gunpoint for 41 days. The captives were released last month after a ransom, believed to be around $100,000 (£50,000), was paid.

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XX This is a horrific story, the kind that really takes the romance off the Pirates of the Carribean. As if that part of the world needs any more troubles.
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