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Friday, April 20, 2007

Get Your Weekend On

Here's a funny video to get your weekend on. Ike Barinholtz and Bobby Lee, two extremely talented comedians from Mad TV, teach castmate Jordan Peele how to drive.

Unlike the one from last week ("the landlord") this one won't start untill you push the play button. This should stave off the phone calls we got from subscribers complaining that ...
A) My blog was infecting them with a computer virus (no doubt as part of my mad scheme to take over the world ... bwah-ha-ha!)
B) I was drunk
C) Their computer was possessed.

No, the problem was that the website,, makes its embedable videos to play automatically. THAT website is owned by Will Farrell of Saturday Night Live fame. Maybe it's part of HIS mad scheme to take over the world.

Anyway, I hope you get a laugh, and get your weekend on.
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